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Discover the underground secrets to making easy money trading the financial market. (Forex, Crypto & Synthetics) using the CZ method.

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What's The CZ Strategy all about?

CZ strategy simply stands for Confirmation and Zone strategy

This strategy have a win rate of over 93%

Picking trades at the exact place banks will pick their trades from too

You will discover the secrets on how the banks and rich people trade..

This singular information can turn a total newbie into a profitable trader within the shortest period of time

The Profitable Trading...

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You will learn how to trade the forex market very PROFITABLY with a strategy that has a high win rate. This will take you from a total newbie to a profitable forex trader within the shortest period of time because you will be learning how the banks trade.


COMMUNITY SUPPORT for connections & Q/a - ($300)

Get access to a support community where you can ask questions, get them answered, get follow ups and connect with other traders.



Other forex traders even pay to join my live sessions but when you get this course, you have access to weekly mentorship live sessions.

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Crypto Trading Lessons - ($100)

You have access to my crypto trading lessons and access to the community for more lessons on how to trade the crypto market like a pro.

Risk Management & Psychology Secrets

You also have access to to my risk management and trading psychology special videos that made me a multi-millionaire trading

10 Millionaire In 4 Months Code

You get access to my eBook on how I made 10 million naira in 4 months as a newbie trader

The Business Of Forex Trading - ($200)

Access to my video guide that shows you how to make over $20,000 without actually trading the forex market

Forex, Synthetics & Crypto Signal Group - ($100)

You also have access into our forex, synthetics and crypto signal group (this one is a blast). You make money as you learn as a beginner by leveraging on the signals dropped in the groups.

If you're already into forex, our signals will triple your account in no time. Guaranteed!!

Total worth of all this is $1,500

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Complete beginners who wants to learn how to trade the financial market (both forex and crypto)

For those that wants to become experts at analyzing the financial market like a pro

For those who are tired of loosing money to the market because of lack of specific knowledge

For those who wants to make their first million through Trading

For those who wants to earn a side income with trading

Our signal group is here for you if you do not want to stress too much

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Below are few Testimonials and the kind of good life you'll be living if you master trading


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video 04

Some Testimonial Pictures Below Here,  Just Swipe To See

My Recent Trip to Rwanda

$50,000 Prop Account Passed

Grab the $100 discount now and make a quick transfer of $100 (N100,000) using the button below:

You will be redirected to access your purchased course or you get an access link from your email inbox instantly.


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After payment,

Send a screenshot to this WhatsApp number 08149044301 to have access immediately.

frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about Crypto or Forex, can I take this course?

Yes! You can because it's very and straight forward course that will take you from scratch to expert level within a short period of time.

I've been blowing accounts in my Trading, will your course help me?

They are 3 things that causes you to blow your account; either your strategy don't work or your risk Management or your Psychology. In your community there's a way we trade that has over 90% win rate. You will discover all that

How much can I start Trading with?

You can start with as low as $50 or use that $50 to buy a $5,000 trading account. You will discover all how to do all that in the community.

If I start Trading now, when will I start making money?

I usually avoid people that ask this kind of questions because it screams of ponzi and get rich quick mentality.

But let me give you some gist... You can actually make money same week you learn basic trading with our signals. You make money as you learn until you can comfortably analyze on your own and milk the market.

Hope you will be there to Guide me?

Yes, I'm always available for my students and we also run weekend live sessions plus we have one of the hottest communities that any question you drop will be handled immediately.

Where do I make payment?

Click the violet button above to make payment with your card.

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